HMO Management

Our HMO management service specialises in providing efficient and effective management solutions for property landlords who own Houses in Multiple Occupation properties. We understand that managing HMO properties can be complex and demanding, which is why we offer a comprehensive package that covers all aspects of management, from letting to maintenance. Our experienced team guarantees full compliance with the latest regulations and legislations, ensuring that your property meets all safety standards and licensing requirements. We pride ourselves on creating a positive environment and experience for both landlords and tenants. Our goal is to maximise your rental yield while minimising any potential headaches that may arise. Let us take care of your HMO property management needs, so that you can enjoy stress-free ownership and increased profitability.


Most frequent questions and answers

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) properties can be rented out by at least 3 tenants who are not from a single family, but share facilities such as the bathroom and kitchen.​

Some HMOs require planning and property licensing, especially if they are deemed a ‘large’ HMO. As part of our service we can offer you advice on your licensing and even assist with the application process, where necessary.

Your property may require planning permission or a property licence. We can help you find out whether you need planning permission and how to apply for it.

A landlord without the relevant HMO license can be fined and face repaying up to 12 months’ rent. We ensure all of our landlords are compliant, so there is nothing to worry about.

As a landlord you are legally allowed to live in a HMO with your tenants.

HMOs must have a license if the property is occupied by 5 or more people who rent from the same landlord. Licensing helps to make sure that HMOs are safe and run properly.

As a HMO landlord, you have extra legal responsibilities which includes fire and general safety, water supply and drainage, gas and electricity, waste disposal, and general upkeep of the HMO.

There is not set rule on how many people can live in your HMO, however overcrowding is not allowed. Your local council can decide how many people are allowed to live in your HMO. 

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